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Welcome to Defer the Tax

Early Retirement, Retiring or pursuing other Business opportunities?

Pay Yourself First!

Defer current sale year taxes by means of seller designed,

Tax-Deferred Installment Payments

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Safely defer sale year taxes on the sale of a business for a few months, a few years or several. Prior to closing, the seller with my assistance, designs their own schedule of installment payments that best meets their needs. Once the sale is completed, the seller will recieve tax-deferred installment income that's unaffected by stock market fluctuations.

Installment income paid out over time, say for ten or 15 years,can produce a gain to the seller. Management free, safe and predictable, the installment income is secured by Structured Assignments, Inc. (SAI) with the assets held in trust by Midwest Trust.

Put your pre-tax sale dollars to work~generate more income for yourself, BEFORE TAXES are paid. Hassle free and easy to install - only a few short form documents that dovetail with escrow!


  • There are no out-of-pocket or on-going costs, fees or expenses.
  • For the all cash sale or with a largedown payment and a Seller's Carry Back note.
  • Installment payments are guaranteed and not based upon assumed rates of return.
  • Seller decides how much cash to keep and designs their installment schedule prior to closing.  Defer the first installment payment one or more years.
  • A single lump sum payment or multiple streams of payments are allowed - vary the amount,
    timing and duration of each stream of payments; satisfy multiple future needs.
  • SAI is funded through the purchase of U.S. Government Obligations rated AAA by Standard & Poor' and Aaa by Moody's and Fitch. Treasury Obligations include Treasury Bonds.

Just about any Seller can take advantage of The Structured Sale. Designed with the retired or retiring Seller in mind, even the younger seller can take advantage of this unique program. Sellers of all ages can now decide when and how income is to be received and taxes paid. Sellers can defer any portion of a sale; to fund future business projects, supplement a retirement program, or possibly future health care costs.

$100,000 Minimum with No Set Maximum!

The Structured Sale is available in all fifty states and should be considered by any Seller who desires tax-deferral. Even Sellers domiciled in no tax states should consider the many advantages of this unique installment sale program.





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Unlike other programs that restrict payout options, ONLY this Structured Sale program allows the Seller so many options and guaranteed income! Utilize one or more options to meet your specific financial needs! Treasury Obligation values cannot be guaranteed until the actual time of sale.

The contents of is intended to be informative only and cannot be construed as or relied upon as tax or legal advice. 07-22-2018

What are the Situational Uses of the Structured Sale?
What payment options are available?
What is the interest rate and is it guaranteed?
If there is more than one Seller, do all have to participate in the Structured Sale?
Do payments have to begin by age 72 1/2?
Welcome to Defer the Tax