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Welcome to Defer the Tax

As a licensed attorney and real estate broker, it has been my pleasure to utilize the services of Andy Hull and to refer him to others to structure real estate sales proceeds. Attorneys have used structured sales to dramatically increase total payouts over time for clients for years, and Mr. Hull has taken the lead in applying this knowledge to real estate sales. Every seller's agent should recommend a structure to their client, and every buyer's agent should recommend a structured sale to the seller's agent as an enticement to close a deal. I would encourage you to contact Mr. Hull and try his structured sale program.

Larry F. Peake, Esq. – Bakersfield, CA 

My experience in completing Structured sale helped me achieve my immediate cash needs and create deferred income for the future. Your interest in my situation was appreciated and your services, excellent.

Thank you very much,

Mahesh Patel - Rancho Cucamonga, CA


With the close of the sale of my business getting closer, my business broker offered several possible scenarios for deferring taxes.
When he first proposed your structured sales idea, I was skeptical. It sounded too good to be true. I went to the Allstate Insurance website to learn about their structured sales program. I inquired about you with Allstate Insurance. I was told that you are an independent agent affiliated with them. After I was comfortable with the program, we had further communication regarding how to set up the structured sale.

You were most helpful, answering questions from me and my CPA. You provided several payout options, including the one I chose. The experience dealing with you has been very positive. Your "after the sale" follow up is another positive. I am extremely satisfied with the structured sales settlement. It will save me thousands of dollars in taxes through the deferment over an extended year period and provide me with an income for 20 years. I highly recommend your program for people who can use it.

John Knox - Columbia, South Carolina

Andy, I want to thank you for helping me to structure the sale of my business. The Structured Sale program that you put together not only spread out the taxes over time, saving me many thousands in out-of- pocket dollars, but also created a cash income for my retirement.

I just want to say thank you for your knowledge and professional approach to a situation that appeared to be devastating to me.

My sincere appreciation and deepest Thank You.

R. Robbins – Oceanside, CA

Andy, I want to thank you for your assistance in the design of a schedule of installment payments that helped us to fund our new business and to provide us with a monthly income as well. This may not have been possible had we taken all cash,

Your knowledge and input helped us to better utilize the sale funds of our business, spread out the taxes over several years and avoid what could have been a “tax nightmare.

Thanks again,

Ilyas & Farah – Westminster, CA

Andy, Your suggestions as to how we could have one stream of payments timed to meet a specific financial obligation and another deferred until my retirement were very helpful. Not only did we spread out the income and taxes over time, but we were able meet two important financial goals as well.

Thanks again,

Joseph Winters – Lake Tahoe, CA

Thank you Andy for showing me an alternate way to help save us some money on the taxes owed. The scheduled payments will be a great way to supplement my income in a few years.

Thanks again. 

Adin Boss – Bakersfield, CA  

Andrew, Thank you for taking so much of your time helping me to decide which schedule of installment payments was best for my situation. I’ve wanted to sell the four-plex the last few years, but then I would think of the taxes that I would owe.

Thanks for helping me get the most income out of my sale.

Sincerely, Ramona D. Hall – Long Beach, CA

Welcome to Defer the Tax